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Helping Hands Program 

What is the Stillwater Helping Hands program? 


Most of us know someone who is currently going through treatment for a cancer diagnosis or has battled this disease in the past. These individuals often have a reduced ability to complete all daily tasks due to lack of energy and strength caused by the medications and cancer itself. Beyond the physical challenges they face, there is also an emotional toll that can weigh on them and their families.  


In 2024 we are launching the Stillwater Helping Hands program to help some of these families in need of a hand.  My wish is to help one new family every month (March - December) to complete the exterior cleaning tasks around their home at no charge. Being able to sit outdoors to enjoy fresh air is a great way for mental healing and clarity.  It is also much better when the space you are relaxing in is nice and clean! 


This program is in honor of my father (Eric) who went through 10 years of different treatments for Multiple Myeloma and passed away after contracting Covid-19 in 2021. Many of our customers got to know my father as he worked alongside me cleaning for the five years prior to his passing.  He often greeted customers by saying “that’s Brad and I’m dad”!


If you or someone you know is currently going through treatment and could use a helping hand please fill out the entry form below.  Let’s help each other make 2024 a great year! 


  • Brad Sealock, Owner

           Stillwater Pressure Washing 

Let’s Help Together!

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